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Business Scope


ADD: Room 207, 2/F, Office Building, Nanhai Oil (Zhuhai) Hotel, Shuiwan Road, Zhuhai


Zhuhai Yuyang Translation & Consulting Services Ltd. is a professional translation company registered with Zhuhai Administration for Industry and Commerce, and has operated well in the industry for over 20 years.

        With a great number of competent translators, the Company is able to provide the customers with best service for translation of over 60 languages, including English, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Russian, Malaysian, Thai, etc. Its services range from document translation, interpretation, simultaneous interpreting, rental of equipment for simultaneous interpreting to website localization.

Business Scope
Tenet: Devoted to providing each customer with professional and high-quality service in a timely and accurate manner
Translation of documentsInterpretingSimultaneous interpretingEquipment for simultaneous interpreting
Translation of video/audio materialsWebsite localizationSecretarial service
Trainings of foreign languages
        We have established strict confidentiality system and implemented all-round confidentiality measures for the documents or materials provided by customers. We commit to keep all the documents and materials confidential.
Quality Control

With the emerging of new industries and new technologies and the development of languages, the requirements on translators and interpreters are becoming increasingly high. Yuyang Translation Company organizes regular exchanges between the translation experts in various fields, keeps an eye on the latest development trends of various industries, and gets familiar with the new terms in a timely manner.

Best Service
     We are devoted to providing professional and high-quality service in a timely and accurate manner, including:
    1. Interpretation and translation in multiple languages;
    2. Simultaneous interpreting and lease of simultaneous interpreting equipment;
    3. Foreign-related secretarial and business agency services;
    4. Trainings of spoken foreign languages.
Quality Control

Our QC system consists of the following steps:
1. Establish the quality standards of translation and carry out the standards strictly;
2. Designate the competent translator according to the speciality and technical level of the document;
3. Establish the detailed rules of translation, and standardize the professional terms;

Successful Cases
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Address: Room 207, 2/F, Office Building, Nanhai Oil (Zhuhai) Hotel, Shuiwan Road, Zhuhai    Tel: (0756) 3358302,3358186   
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